Prime Food Network :

We are the Producer, Marketer and Exporter of Spices, Herbs, dry Fruits, Cashew and value added coconut based products, in the form of Organic and Conventional , having almost 1300 farmers network island wide to source its own quality raw material for exports. Prime Foods has two Processing factories for different products

Kandy Food Processing Factory

The Spices and Herbal are nurtured in organic plantations and forest gardens, harvested, and then taken to a processing Factory and Weare cleaned, dried Sterilized and packed to meet international food laws and standards prior to export.

Nature’s healer, spices and herbs are always played an important role in everyday life, be it for flavoring meals or for restoring and maintaining good health.

Maho Fruit Processing Factory

Prime Food produces dehydrated, canned, and fresh fruits at Maho fruit processing factory. The range of organically grown exotic fruits includes mangos, pineapple, papaya, passion fruits, lime etc. And also available as dehydrated, canned and fresh forms to meet various customer demands.Value added coconut base product is well recognized with high demand in the international market as food supplement.


Major Product Range

We are proud of Our list of satisfied clients who would testify to the success of their organic and ethical practices with our source its own quality raw material for exports








Coconut Base Product


Fruit Products


Cashew Nuts

Prime Food Farmer Network

Prime Food uses an integrated network of over 1300 farmers, out growers and processors throughout the island to bring their products.


    1     Bibile
    2     Bingiriya
    3     Dambadeniya
    4     Ehaliyagoda
    5     Haldumulla / Nikapota
    6     Haputale
    7     Kandy
    8     Kegalle
    9     Maho
    10   Matale
    11   Suriyawawa
    12   Gampaha