The Prime Food

We are a pioneer producer, marketer and exporter of a wide range of certified Organic Products from Sri Lanka. Company started producing and marketing organic tea in 1992 and swiftly expanded the product portfolio to include herbs, spices, fruit, nuts and other custom-made Organic Products that have gained us a coveted niche in a highly competitive Global Market.

Organics is primarily committed to using only organic, environmentally and socially ethical methods in growing and processing of our products. The certified Level A (full organic) status awarded to all its products testify to these natural processes.

It also ensures that Prime Food products allow you to enjoy the original richness and taste of Mother Nature’s gifts, exactly the way she intended.


Our Story

Going back into history, Pallekelle was the second largest plantation of Sri Lanka owned by the sterling company M/s Rajawella Produce Co. Ltd. This was nationalised in 1968 and underwent many  changes and development activities and Pallekelle Industrial Park was a result.

The first BOI Factory to be established in this beautiful park was M/s Prime Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd. By Mr. TissaWickremasinghe in 1994. In 2006 the company was purchased by us – M/s Lanka Organics Group

Since then, Prime Food Products (Pvt.) Ltd., situated in Pallekelle Industrial Park in Digana Kandy, focussed on providing work / employmentin the factory to the local residents and working with the farming community and spice growers. Being a conventional factory registered under the Board of Investment of Sri Lanka (BOI), wespecialise in Spices, Herbs, Fruits, Medicinal Herbs, Nuts, Cashew Nuts, Traditional Rice,Jack Fruit, Coconut and also Cocoa-based products.

We now cater to the export market meeting the requirements of buyers based on their blends and orders. Our special products are beginning to interest like Coconut Sugar and Jams and Herbal Medicinal Powders in Capsule form

Our Strength

We have acquired key characteristics that help us meet your specific requirements in growing, processing or value-adding to your product as per European (EU), Japanese (JAS) as well as Us standards of National Organic Programme (USDA-NOP).