Our Products

Prime Food products’ Product portfolio includes a broad range of organic produce that will meet your specific needs.

Organic Tea

Ceylon Tea’ as it is popularly known has for many centuries had the clear distinction of being the finest, most fragrant tea in the world. Prime Food Products adds its own ingredient –pure organic methods to the growing and harvesting of this noble product, and brings you one of the cleanest ‘cuppa’ on the market.
Prime Food Products’ tea is grown organically in the Uva highlands of Sri Lanka (on our Greenfield estate) using natural inputs and methods that make our tea naturally low in caffeine and tannin. Handpicked and processed in our own facility you will find that our teas have a unique flavour and aroma. Premium grades are available in loose leaf and in tea bags.
Our present range of Organic teas includes Organic pure Ceylon Black Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Teas, Specialty Teas and many types of customized tea types.

Greenfield estate is a certified and level A (full organic) plantation and is included on the International Fair-trade Tea Register. Although it is optional for buyers to use the Fair-trade label on tea, a share of profits is directed towards the Social Committee on the estate regardless of the buyer’s decision. A clear audit trail exists for the Social Premium, and regular inspections ensure the integrity of the Social Premium system.
The tea estate is inspected annually by the Organic Farmers & Growers (UK),NASAA (Australia), Control Union (The Netherlands) and was inspected by IMO in 1996 and 2000.



Nature’s healer, herbs have always played an important role in everyday life, be it for flavouring a meal or for restoring and maintaining good health.

Indigenous and Western herbs grown in our certified organic lands are blended to create a range of herbal teas and cosmetics. Offering you the best of both worlds our herbs help to enhance and improve the quality of life.

Prime Food Products purchases all its herbs according to accepted fair trade practices and conduct microbiological analyses that show that they are high in essential oil content.


Sri Lanka has been famous the world over for its spices since time immemorial.
Prime Food Products follows this proud tradition.

Our spices are nurtured in organic plantations and forest gardens, harvested, and then taken to a central processing unit where they are cleaned, dried and packed to meet international food laws and standards prior to export. Prime Food Products purchases all its spices according to accepted fair trade practices and conducts microbiological analyses that show that they are high in essential oil content.
Our range includes pepper, nutmeg/mace, cardamom, vanilla, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, tamarind and clove.


Tropical Fruits

We can offer canned, dehydrated, and fresh fruits from Watawala fruit factory.


Canned Fruit Juice, Pulp, Pieces, Dice, Crush
Passion Fruit
In retail or bulk cans
Dehydrated Fruit Pieces, Dice, Tic/bits, Slices
In retail or bulk cans
Fresh Tropical Fruits
Beli Banana
Custard apple
Passion fruit
Star fruit
Water melon
Wood apple

Our range of organically grown exotic fruits includes Mangoes, Papaya, Pineapple, Passion fruits, Lime etc… and is available in high quality
dehydrated, canned and frozen forms to meet various customer demands.


Coconut Kernel Products

This is probably Mother Nature’s most versatile product! Making full use of this factor we grow our coconuts organically and process in the form of desiccated coconut in medium and fine grades, coconut milk and cream. Its by-products also give a range of coir and peat. A local monitors the crop and provides financial advice and technical assistance. The processing is overseen by the Sri Lankan Coconut Development Authority (CDA) who visit the mill on a daily basis, running microbiological analyses on the coconut being processed. Each bag is numbered to ensure complete traceability, and each batch or shipment is issued with a guarantee of quality.

We can offer medium or give grades of desiccated from our DC mill. Toasted coconut is also available. Packing is available in retail/bulk packs. In addition our own coconut milk factory produces can coconut milk with various fat levels % in retail/bulk cans. Creamed coconut in retail/bulk packs.

Fresh coconut & caned coconut water are also available.

Cashew Nuts

Our cashew nuts are rich in oil content and flavour and are grown organically in our local Forest Gardens. Initially processed at village level employing 80 families locally, Prime Food Products is investing in a new factory in the Yapahuwa, which will mean the full processing of cashews at local level.
Processing and export of cashew nuts is overseen in the same way as desiccated coconut with tests are made on quality of nuts being exported. Our Cashew nuts are purchased in line with fair trade practices and conform to international food standards.

Cashew nuts are available in retail or bulk packing. Roasted nuts are also on offer.

Other Products

Prime Food Products also produces a number of other products. For instance our projects supply numerous ingredients for the production of herbal cosmetics and exotic foods like passion fruit butter, wood-apple chutney, Tomato & Herb sauce etc.